If everyone in the world came together for a run, the world would be a peaceful place.

Though having fun is our cornerstone, science is our building block. About 60% of our fun group has a P.R. (Personal Record) with every official race we train for. And that is not something we motivate at all. It simply happens, with proper training techniques.


Train Smart,
Run Strong,
Dream Big!


Rule #1:



Griffith Park:  Our THIRTEENTH SEASON begins Saturday mornings.  7:00 am.  Saturday, July 13th, 2019. Training for:

  • Santa Monica Classic 5K or 10K; 
  • Malibu Half (official pace leaders);
  • Revel Big Bear;
  • Pasadena Half;
  • and finally, the Sketchers Performance Los Angeles Marathon.  See Locations Tab.

Santa Monica: THE BEACH WILL BE BACK!!!  We look to begin our next season currently UNKNOWN.  The group is at the Beach at Ocean Park!!!    Sundays, 7:30 am.  The revolution in proper training will again be added to the west coast.  Chicago & Long Beach Marathons, both in Oct., are the target, along with Ventura and others.  See Locations Tab.

Train with the experienced trainers who lead the races, and with a  level 2 USAT&F & level 2 USAT, Coach who co-wrote the Complete Idiot's Guide to Marathon Training.

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    1. Kathie: Hi. Yes, absolutely. We are just finishing up our season with the Hollywood Half Marathon in two weeks. We are the official pace leaders for that race. Feel free to check us out this Saturday, April 2nd. 7:00 am, see the locations page. However, half marathon training for Long Beach Half, begins the weekend following July 4th. Watch for our announcements and feel free to come check us out for free. We will charge $60 for the season, with a free tech shirt. Look forward to seeing you out there! And please feel free to send a note with any questions.

    2. Yes. This coming year we are training for the Malibu Half, where we are the official pace leaders, and the Pasadena Half, and the new half or full at Revel Big Bear, finally, the half or full at Mountains 2 Beach in Ventura. Sorry, we don’t check this for messages often. Please send any questions to: We start officially again with water tables and trainers and all on July 14th. Simply come check us out.

    1. Jason: Simply come out to our group in Griffith Park or the new group starting in in Santa Monica, this Sunday. Check out the website for details. And thanks for your interest.

    2. Jason:

      Simply show up. Sorry, I don’t check for messages on our website often. You can always reach us quickly at We start officially again with the Trainers and Water Tables and all on July 14th, 7:00 AM. But we are still meeting with “No Frills” runs every Saturday at 7:00 AM, at the same location. Simply show up, and let me know before hand, so I can suggest the right group for you to run with.

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    USA Marathon Training – Rule #1: You need to have fun!

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