USA Marathon Training is currently a Los Angeles based run, run/walk and walk group. We have some extremely fast, competitive runners, who are improving, and slow walkers, including all abilities in between. Our "Trainers," are the official Pace Leaders for the Rock-N-Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon, the Hollywood Half Marathon, and the new USA Half Marathon Invitational in San Diego. This gives you the unusual ability, to train with the same official Pace Leader, for a race you will finish.

David & Book Poster

We meet in the school compound, where we have the Morning Minute Lecture (okay, it's longer than that), from one of our two USA Track & Field, Certified, Level Two, Coaches.  One wrote the COMPLETE IDIOT'S GUIDE TO MARATHON TRAINING.

USA MT Water Table


Each week, at our Griffith Park location (see Locations), we have water tables approximately every two miles.  About eight experienced Trainers lead our groups of different abilities.  Most of our work is done significantly slower than marathon race pace.  Currently, about 60% of our group have a P.R. (Personal Record) with the official races we train for.  It simply occurs, from the science based training we have used, with enormous success.

Everyone receives a daily training schedule.  There are three levels of ability built into each schedule.

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