Griffith Park Location

Zoo Magnet School (Click here for link to location)

in Griffith Park across the street from the LA Zoo and Autry Museum, on the south side.

North Hollywood High School Zoo Magnet Center
5336 Crystal Springs Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Santa Monica Location

Next to the Beach (Click on the link to parking & meeting locations.)

The new location is at 25 - 100 Ocean Park, at Bernard Way, CA. 90405.
Free parking on Sundays at the John Muir School at 5th or 6th Streets and Ocean Park. Approximately a .4 mile walk down the hill. Or pay to park in the lot next to our start point at Ocean Park and Bernard Way. Look for the two concrete palm trees.

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    1. Susanna: Sorry we don’t check this our often enough. But we constantly check out e-mail, at info@USAMarathonTraining.com A bunch of us are doing Mountains 2 Beach this year, in May. We officially begin with the Trainers and water tables and all that on July 14th. But we have off-season “no frills” run right now. 7:00 AM, same location, in Griffith Park. Hope to see you there! Let me know if you show up, so we can get you in the right group, for your ability. Good to see you in SM!

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